Student Achievements

Among our students, many have shown a passionate interest that has helped them become quite proficient in their art. It has also ensured that a number of prizes and awards have come their way. Here is a look at some of the students achievements at the Ovya Art Academy.

Rahul Setlur, a specially challenged student of our academy, had been feted by the Colorthon Art Season 7 Event held at the Kittur Rani Chennama Stadium, Bangalore. His beatuiful artwork was auctioned by Colorthon to help in raising funds for its social welfare projects.

Level 1 Apprentices

  1. Sarita Das - Level 2

  2. Devangini Das - Level 2

  3. Rahul Ragavan - level 2

  4. Mohit G - Level 2

  5. Nakul Nanda Krisna - Level 2

  6. Sreenivasa Murthy T M - Level 2

  7. Rahul Setlur - Level 2