Tanjore/Thanjavur Painting

Level 1

Size - 8”x10” Board

Board preparation.

Sticking cloth.

Tracing Design.

Embossing work (Relief work).

Gold sheet sticking.


Level 2

Size - 12”x16” Board

Begin with Level 1 procedure.

Sticking precious and semi-precious stones of different shapes.

Colouring & shading the dresses.

Finishing work.

Level 3

Size - 16”x20” Board

Begin with Level 2 procedure.

Embossing of dresses, jewels, pillars..etc.

Sticking of gold leaf.

Colouring on gold sheets & dresses.

Sticking stones, pearls...etc.

Colouring outside the design.

Making outline with black colour.

Finishing work.

Mural Painting

Level 1

Size - 2”x2” Board

Board preparation.

Tracing Design.

Embossing on jewels.


Level 2

Size - 3”x4” Board

Begin with Level 1 procedure.

Embossing done on different type of jewels..bangles, anklets..etc.

Make the outside design with cone.


Shading of dresses, body & others.

Apply multi-colours using paint.


Level 3

Size - 5/4’ Board & above

Begin with Level 2 procedure.

Making intricate designs & embossing it.

Sticking stones & pearls ..etc.

Painting & shading as taught in different technics.

Using of different paints & 3D effect in Shilpkar art.

Decorating pillars & arches..etc.

Varnishing after completion of painting.

Jassor / Rajasthani Painting

Level 1

Size - 12” x 12” Board

Board preparation.

Tracing Design.

Cone work.


Level 2

Size - 2”x3” Board

Begin with Level 1 procedure.

After tracing design do cone work on jewels.

Work on extra designs in 3D.

Sticking stones.

Colouring and shading of body.

Uses of different paint on designs.


Level 3

Size - 4’ X 3’ board

Begin with Level 2 procedure.

Extra cone work is taught.

Border designs embossing in cone.

Different cone works on dresses.

Colouring & shading.

Fixing mirrors & stones..etc.


Optional Art courses (Choose any 4 - Work on one painting each)

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