Sadhana Yoga

Hi I am from Paris (France). I have been on an extended visit to Bangalore for several months now this year.

My experience at Ovya art academy school was life experience, in the sense that I discovered my "Gift" of painting through Mr Satish G Dattatri. At first I was hesitant. However, because of Mr Satish's encouragement, support and inspiration I decided to give a try. This turned out to be one of the best choices I have ever made.

I am very blessed to have found such a great teacher and artist. He makes you understand that with art there are no restrictions: you just have to believe in yourself. This is the best school where you can learn with all ages and all kinds of art. I will always have a sense of gratitude for this school as I learned many skills while there in a very short period of time. Mr Satish is really a very qualified and one of the best artists.

His teaching very professional, and he is a true painter and very authentic in art. Ovya Art Academy is a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere; a place where you feel at home. Each one works with good spirit, fun and inspiration. Mr Satish has good knowledge in all disciplines of painting and art. The staff are awesome: very friendly and always present and helpful. I recommend this art academy to anyone who wants to paint in a relaxed, but studious environment with a excellent, knowledgeable, very qualified and unique artist and teacher.